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Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver Review

I know we tend to focus on top-quality receivers with Dolby Atmos and complex bass control schemes, but let’s do not lose sight of the ultimate goal: Having fun while listening to music. 

The Yamaha R-S202BL is a vintage stereo receiver with a conventional tuner that is capable of receiving radio signals on AM/FM bands. The R-S201 represents Yamaha’s creative ideas and experience.

It quality has been proven by it’s name continually appeared in the list of top stereo receivers for turntable or home theater of many Hi-Fi blogs and experts. I will highlight each feature of the Yamaha R-S202BL in my review. 


The R-S202BL Stereo Receiver provides a full and rich Hi-Fi experience on one hand, and Bluetooth connectivity on the other. Yamaha says this model is the best match for anyone who wants to buy a Hi-Fi system beginning at a lower price point.  

I haven’t reviewed a stereo receiver for a long time. No DAC, no bass management, no software to set up speakers, no distance sensors, no sound processing software, just stereo. The front panel is uncluttered and simple. 

The receiver comes with a simple plastic remote control with small, backlit buttons. As previously mentioned, Bluetooth connectivity has been added to this model; it is more sophisticated than the previous version.  

Besides being able to stream music through this receiver, you can also use your phone as an audio source. These days, streaming is a very common practice. Having a receiver that also supports streaming just simplifies things even more. 


In Yamaha R-S202BL specifications, the balance between price and quality is good. The receiver uses 100W output power per channel and is equipped with an amplifier. 

Yamaha R-S202BL operates between 10 and 100000 Hz ( /- 3 dB). The receiver possesses discrete output stages designed with Sanken transistor pairs in the A/B class. 

The R-S202 has large push buttons for input selection, tone controls, small buttons for presets, memory selection, tuning FM mode, and speaker selections. Black anodized aluminum with finely brushed pattern is the material of the faceplate. If you desire, you can employ an analog audio source and two more unassigned audio inputs.  

This receiver is definitely above its class with its high-power output. With short signal paths as well as optimized circuit layout, it provides high quality sound design.  

To reduce power loss while simultaneously increasing peak power supply capacity, power transformers are placed near the amplifier circuit, allowing for high output volume. Together with its ground connected at a single point, the interference caused by the signal and power supply is also reduced. Consequently, you can enjoy clear sound. 


Yamaha’s R-S202BL has relatively limited connection possibilities. The receiver has no Ethernet port or Wi-Fi adapter built in, so combining it with my home network is out of the question. However, the user doesn’t have to limit their choices in music sources — analog productions operate with almost any player. 

The receiver has been updated with Bluetooth. Being able to listen to music on my phone sets this product up for success. Although many of you already have streaming systems that integrate into your home systems, this simplifies many of the steps for someone starting out with quality system. 


I haven’t set up a stereo device in so long, that I almost forgot how great it was to listen to music in two channels. You really only “need” a receiver such as the R-S202 and inexpensive speakers (I did not say cheap) to reach musical Nirvana. This receiver would pair well with some new Elacs Debut B5s.  

If you have the coin, you may want to consider other speakers such as the Zu Audio Cubes, Pioneer SP-BS22-LR or Omens. We live in a time when entry level sound systems are easily obtained for under $500. So why can’t they buy a killer sound system within their budget, even as many young audiophiles plan to go to college this fall?  

The Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver is easy to set up. In fact, you’ll be able to listen to music in a matter of minutes once you electrify the speakers. Also, pairing the receiver with your phone should be easy and quick.  

With the addition of Bluetooth connectivity, you are now able to adjust speaker distance and speaker levels and play with the bass management function and even run an auto-EQ program. 


The Yamaha R-S202BL is excellently interpretative of musical compositions with a focus on the mid-range sound.  

The mid-range has a lot of detail but not too much. A lot of music is composed of instrumental and vocal solos.   

The balance is not particularly skewed, though, and it’s generally even. This amplifier’s bass weight is quite impressive, especially for its price. It dispenses with clinical analysis in favor of an entertaining but easy listen. 

The R-S202BL does not reproduce naturalistic soundscapes at ultra-wide frequencies but creates detailed, realistic soundscapes. The top region of the operating range has a small resolution loss.  

The low-frequency spectrum runs in the power needed to give the sound appearance stability. The bass, however, is elastic and fastspaced in its performance. All the music, whether it be rock, electronic, alternative or blues, are reproduced vividly. 

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The Yamaha R-S202BL offers an easy to use interface and is available with Bluetooth, making it a great choice for constructing a budget Hi-Fi system. Yamaha R-S202BL is the receiver for one who enjoys two-channel sound and simplicity, or those who are beginners in the audio world.  

As soon as you see the Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver, you’ll realize you’re getting the most out of your money – and then some. 


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