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Which Are The Best Period Piece Movies You Need To See In 2019?

What is a period piece movie? What is it about? Is it exciting or boring? In this article, we will find out some necessary information about a film type. Then, you will be recommended the best period piece movies in 2019 you need to see. Here we go!

What is a period piece movie?

A period piece movie (also known as a historical period drama, period drama, costume drama, historical drama) is a film set with the context in the past time. This film usually consists of historical fiction, romance, adventure, and swashbucklers.

So is it easy to watch?

Yes, it is. You can watch this film type whoever you are, and no matter how old you are (except for romances sometimes, children are not allowed to watch). It provides you the historical information, events, and characters in real-life in an easy way to follow. You won’t find it too academic, historical, or boring.

Is it interesting?

Of course, it is. You will be attracted by the plot and story even if you already know it. Characters, context, and scenes are also selected and created carefully so that you can enjoy everything in many aspects.

Is everything in the movie accurate?

Not really. When period piece movie is fiction, content and story may include and refer to real-life people, events in a relevant time period. Thus, there were no such real stories or narratives in the past time though you may see the related people or events in the past time.

Now, let’s check out the list of the best period piece movies in 2019.

The Aeronauts

The film, which was set in 1862, once again features two stars in “The Theory Of Everything” Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne. It was also based on real-life events in the past.

The Aeronauts

The story is about a reckless pair desiring to excess human knowledge and fly higher than anyone in history with a balloon. One is a wealthy pilot – Amelia Wren (starring Felicity Jones), and another one is an enthusiastic young scientist James Glaisher (starring Eddie Redmayne).

What happens then?

They do actually fly far and high beyond the limit and record. However, they find themselves at the edge of existence, too, which forces them to fight for their lives in both physical and mental ways.

Can they make it to the end? Can they survive and come back with applause and cheering? What is the cost of the daredevil brave journey? Let’s find out the answer now.


What’s it about?

The film was set in the late 1960s when a superstar musician was brought to the light – Elton John (performed by Taron Egerton).

What? Do you mean the Kingsman star?

Yes, I do. You may get used to the images of fighting, running, shooting, and action of this young man, but he can play well as a singer, too.

Rocketman features the story of Elton John on the way to become a phenomenon and an incredible musician in the world. In fact, Elton was a shy pianist at the beginning, but his talent was brilliant and undeniable. Then, you will follow the fantastic transformation of Elton from a pianist to an international superstar.

The film also features many beloved songs of Elton, which are absolutely amazing and classic. The story of a young small-town boy becoming an iconic idol in the world includes everything from the difficult beginning, struggles, conflicts, the success in the end.



The film tells a story about the life of an orphaned author. He has a peaceful and lovely life with his brothers and friends in a group of writers. He also finds love, friendship, and inspiration at that time while World War I breaks out and separates the young group and his beloved Edith Bratt.

All of these events would help Tolkien find the inspiration to write the most classic and epic novel in the world – “Middle-earth.”

The film stars two beautiful faces Nicholas Hoult as Tolkien and Lily Collins as his lover.

The Aftermath

Now we will bring you a period piece with much mentality content, which is only for adults.

Cast: Keira Knightley, Jason Clarke, and Alexander Skarsgård are the three famous faces to feature in this work, which was set in Germany in 1946.

After World War II, Rachael Morgan comes to reunite with her husband Lewis in Hamburg. The city is now a ruin after the war, and the British colonel Lewis is in charge of rebuilding and renovating it. However, things happen when they were given a new house.

The Aftermath

They have to share a huge house with the previous owner – a German who has only a daughter after the loss of his wife. What would happen when they live under the same house? This may include 18+ content and marked “R” label that you should consider before watching it.


This period piece was based on the Shakespearean character and Lisa Klein’s novel, which tells a story about Hamlet through Ophelia’s view.

When the political intrigue makes the imperial court chaotic, Ophelia came out as the brightest and most trusted lady-in-waiting of the Queen. However, she gets the attention of Prince Hamlet and has a forbidden love affair.

Things get worse when the betrayal attacks the court, threaten to ruin the royal family, and separate the union — standing between desires and loyalty, which would Ophelia choose?

Final words

Now you have the list of the best period piece movies in 2019. They are all well-picked and classic ones, which are inspired by real-life characters. We also choose the easiest and most exciting films to watch.

Let’s enjoy the holidays with the list of period piece movies and tell us which is your favorite one.

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