• The First Movies Ever Made
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    The First Movies Ever Made? A Must-Read For Film Enthusiasts

    You are a movie-enthusiast and have watched hundreds of movies in your life! Staring at the screen, you admired how the alluring acting, the props, the storylines all harmoniously create these beautiful masterpieces.

    And, above all, you gazed at those technical-sophisticated effects and realized how much they contributed to such a realistic watching experience.

    “How could all these start”- your inner voice spoke up, filled you with curiosity and wonder. Let me guide you in an adventure to unravel the past and to take a peek at the first movies ever made!

    In the late 1800s, many people experimented with photos and cameras with the aim of creating motion pictures.

    The earliest form of motion pictures is known as chronophotography, and as times goes by, this process became more and more sophisticated, hence the invention of film-making as we know today.

    Of course, some of the very first movies are built upon this theory. Today, I will introduce you to the three most popular ones!