How To Connect Speakers To TV Without Receiver

Have you ever seen a defective receiver? If you do, then you recognize the panic you have known that your speaker can’t hear the sound. Fortunately, the absence of a beneficiary is not a complete failure. 

If your receiver has fallen down or not, you will easily learn how to attach your speakers to a TV in a few ways without a receptionist. Boom Speaker offers some convenient alternatives to appreciate your movie if there is no audio quality on the TV. There are also a few better choices if you don’t have a beneficiary – mostly in terms of consistency and wealth.

Wireless interface Usage 

The connectivity with wireless is sometimes neglected. Even TV owners don’t really know it – they miss it. Most occasions it is left back since the efficiency of a wired link is higher. If you’ve been using a receiver for a long time and it crashes, you usually forget about this useful solution. 

You’ll never need a receiver because there are no wires to link. There are several wireless networking styles. Most frequently you do it through Bluetooth. But how would speakers be wired to TV without a receiver? 

  • On your TV, switching the Bluetooth on. 
  • On your speaker, switch on the Bluetooth. 
  • Develop a connection between them. 
  • Play sound on your TV, and it can output your speakers. 

Again there are such requirements – or rather limits. Not all smart TVs are wired via Bluetooth. It’s still worth testing, though. 

The usage of a decoder 

Decoders are found in a broad range of applications. They are some of the most popular devices there. They are not however, built for such practices. In trying to work out how speakers can be wired to a TV without a receiver, a decoder is never your first option. 

However, if you have one around at the same time, its ports may be very handy to link. Make sure that they fit, and you go there. 

Amplifiers 2-Channel 

It’s really a really successful user substitute. If you do not have a receiver or it’s impaired, you should use a standby 2-channel amplifier for whatever purpose. It functions in several respects the same way. 

If we want to increase the sound quality of our speakers and also link them to the TV at the same time, an amplifier is needed. It acts on behalf of the TV as a receptor for the speaker. Here you will use the same techniques. 

Bring the amplifier to the AUDIO OUT port or HDMI port and attach. Using the speaker performance of the amplifier to connect to the speaker or the number of speakers after attachment. Now the audio of the TV is converted to the amplifier and the mic. 

See? You may use the speaker on the TV and no receiver has been needed. 

There is though a condition. This strategy would not be fruitful if the speaker absorbs a large power volume. A 2-channel amplifier won’t be able to manage a ton of power. The TV model is very relevant. 


Hub is a perfect alternative for the receiver. 

Hub is a form of repeater which contains more than two communication ports for devices. It is actually used to link computers and build LAN, but also for speakers and TV connections. 

Hub appears like a receiver but smaller in scale. The price is really cheap, which is a further benefit. 

Two kinds of platform – active hub and passive hub are available. Active hub is named the ‘smart hub’ by way of its vital algorithm that helps it to validate and make a judgment on the obtained signals. The passive center, on the other side, transmits signals only without any inspection. 

You can use a passive hub for the connection between TV and speaker since no particular use exists for an active hub here. 

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May I attach speakers to my TV directly? 

Let’s get instantly the answers to the key issue. 

TV and speaker fast details 

No you do not explicitly attach speakers to a TV. TVs do not have a speaker output and can directly drive speakers so an amplifier of some type is needed to control them. 

In most of the TVs, however you can attach audio to self-powered (computer) speakers, an external small amplifier or stereo receiver

The type of electronics and cables you need are focused on the output jacks of your TV. There is no common set of TV audio outputs even if many have RCA, a 3.5mm jack or anything similar. There are no TV audio outputs. 

The bad news is that you cannot explicitly link speakers to a TV 

When you think about it the double-channel amplifier functions as a receiver practically, but there is not much variation with respect to connection. The amplifier cannot however, handle a lot of input, so it is better to verify the power of both the speaker and the Telev.


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