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Best Italian Movies on Netflix That You Should Watch

All I love from Italy are food, wine, culture, music, the cities, and especially its movies. Italian cinema has its own iconic stature in the history of the world cinema.

Now, Netflix has collected all the gems of Italian cinema so if you want to watch some awesome Italian movies on Netflix, this article is right for you.

Here is a list of really good Italian movies you can stream on Netflix right now.

5 Best Italian Movies on Netflix

Cinema Paradisco (1988)

Cinema Paradisco

Cinema Paradiso” or “Nouvo Cinema Paradiso” in Italian is a drama written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. Although this movie was released in 1988, it’s still one of the must-see Italian movies you shouldn’t miss.

Told in a flashback, the movie is a story of Salvatore, a boy who was born and grew up in a Sicilian Village and returns hometown as a famous director after receiving news that his old friend passed away.

During his childhood, under Alfredo’s influence, a projectionist working at Cinema Paradiso, Salvatore really loved making films. Alfredo often lets Salvatore watch movies from the projection booth and teach him the skill to operate the film projector.

“Cinema Paradisco” brings the audience a view of changes in traditional film making, editing, and screening. In addition, this movie shows a young boy’s dream of making films, the boy dares to leave his small city to go to the world outside and pursue his passion.

The way “Cinema Paradisco” shapes memories and the friendship between two filmmakers, one young one old, is the heart of this movie.

Suburra (2015)

Based on the 2013 novel of the same name, “Suburra” is a 2015 Italian mafia crime film directed by Stefano.

If you’re looking for a movie with well-crafted characters and expertly paced action scenes, Suburra is a good choice for you.

Movie “Suburra”, tells about Samurai, a gangster makes a deal to build a casino complex with Las Vegas-style in the harbor area of Rome.

He has favorable conditions: a good land (from the former landowners), the endowment from wealthy mafia families, a politician who can help his project get through red tape, and peace within big mafia families to make the deal possible to conduct smoothly.

However, the politician is caught in a compromising and potentially he must end his career. Therefore, to keep the project on track, Samurai has to use all his relationships as well as his persuasion and negotiation skills.

Brilliantly choreographed action sequences really are outstanding things of this movie. They will give you an impressive compact action thriller experience.

The Wonders (2014)

You want a movie which is a romance, comedy, mystery, and psychological thriller at the same time, there is no greater choice than “The Wonders” directed by Alice Rohrwacher. This movie will evoke your diverse moods and emotions.

The Wonders

The film follows a family of beekeepers. They live in the countryside of Tuscany and they’re trying to adhere to tradition and move into modernity.

The main character is Gelsomina, a twelve-year-old girl, the eldest in this family. She works hard, takes on a heavier burden, taking care of her younger sisters and help her family with beekeeping and honey production.

One day, a beautiful talk show filming on a nearby beach stirs Gelsomina to enter her family in a contest called “Countryside Wonders”. Of course, they take part in this competition but finally, they lose and have no money, they’re forced to leave the farm.

To know why they lose, let’s watch this movie on Netflix. “The Wonders” won the Grand Prix at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival so trust me, you must see this movie.

Happy as Lazzaro (2018)

Happy as Lazzaro

The next movie I recommend you is “Happy as Lazzaro”, another movie directed by Alice Rohrwacher, besides “The Wonders”.

The movie leads viewers into the world of Lazzaro, a young man working on a tobacco farm. Here, he lives with his fellow sharecroppers.

Tancredi makes friends with Lazzaro and decides to fake his own kidnapping in order to get some money from his mother, Marchioness Alfronsina de Luna, the queen of cigarettes who rule the village.

In the process of managing his own kidnap, Tancredi vanishes into the faraway city and Lazzaro sets out in search of his loyal friend.

When you watch this movie, you might predict in some directions “Happy as Lazzaro” takes, but the lead character is not. Lazzaro becomes harder to understand when we learn more about him.

Welcome, Mr. President! (2013)

Although released in 2013, “Welcome, Mr. President!” has been a considerable fan following. This movie can be considered as one of the best Italian comedies of the decade.

The movie tells about a dedicated librarian living in a small town in Piedmont. His life changes when he shares his name with the Italian unification hero, ‘Giuseppe Garibaldi’.

The elections of the President of the Republic are held in Rome but politicians can not reach an agreement. To show their protest, all political leaders chose to vote for a historical figure, ‘Giuseppe Garibaldi’.

Therefore, following the law, our main character has to become president, but by mistake!

The next happenings are the wrong man starts ruling a country in the right direction.

“Welcome, Mr. President!” was nominated for some big awards so don’t hesitate, let’s choose this film to enjoy a hilarious movie.

In Conclusion

Italian movies will be great choices for you because of their own unique cinematography and sense of style.

With this list, we hope that you will have relaxing times and interesting experience with Italian movies on Netflix.

Let us know your thoughts and feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!

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