About Us

Welcome to scrapple.tv. I am Manuel C. Veach and my current career is a film editing assistant. I have a passion for classic cinema, black and white films. Since my teenage years I have watched many such films such as “Citizen Kane”, “Modern Times” or “Psycho”. At that time, I could only admire them and write down my feelings in my notebook.

As I got older, I met some siblings with similar interests and started talking about it. But it all stopped at each other’s verbal conversations or school articles, comments on websites.

In my career, I have met many people with high film expertise. There are many technical requirements from acting to filming and filling to make movies today that are far different from the old days, which are cinematic techniques. Although modern technology supports us a lot and has created a lot of blockbusters, but part of me still loves the classic, simplicity and sophistication of old movies.

So far, I have decided to create my personal blog to share my views with more people, to listen and exchange experiences with people in the field of film.

If you have any suggestions or good classic movies that I have not yet posted on this site please send me via email….

I will arrange the work to answer you quickly. Thank you.