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Waste Time at Work: Best Dating Site Ever


If you’re like us (and we know we are), you’re wracked with existential angst and a deep-seated loneliness, the kind that not even your sense of cosmic oneness with the Universe can soothe.

Let’s face it: you’re not getting any younger or more attractive. You need to find that special someone, AND FAST.

You’ve probably tried all the dating sites by now, and found out that OKCupid is filled with wack jobs, you don’t qualify for JDate, the folks at Adult Friend Finder are sketchier than some of the folks you see under the El after 2:00 AM, and let’s not even talk about eHarmony.

Well, now you can find your match -or at least laugh away the bitter ennui of your solitary existence- at Online Dating Ipsum, which reduces online dating profiles to word salad.

It’s kind of like the the Nietzsche Family Circus. You just can’t stop refreshing. My latest prospect is doing “well dating looking for a third keep up with me. Trapped in a sexless marriage you should be clean and intelligent working on my screenplay someone to provide for you I do well dating if you have a BMI under 25.”

Try it with a side of crazy.

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  2. Yes, you’re true and your dating site is very difference and enjoyable between others any dating service provider. That is makes me more impress to enjoy more with you.

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