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Vandalizing Assholes Arrested



Three people were charged with the vandalism of vehicles in South Philadelphia early Friday morning.

On Friday, many residents woke up to find 39 cars were vandalized between 17th and 18th streets from Carpenter to Bainbridge (No TGIF for these people). Most of the vandalizing consisted of slashed tires, however some of the unluckier citizens found their cars keyed and windshields scratched.

23-year-old Bianca Beck, 27-year-old David Whitfield and 29-year-old David Baker are each being charged with 39 counts of criminal mischief, possessions of instruments of a crime (knives) and criminal conspiracy. All three suspects have prior criminal records.

Police released surveillance videos on Friday that showed the three individuals walking down the 1700 block of Catherine Street. In the video, one individual bends down to slash a tire while another tries to steal a bike, but can’t… idiot. After the video was released to the media, one of the suspects surrendered to the police on Saturday and snitched on his or her two other friends later that day. Hooray!


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  1. Evan Herman says:

    Lol glad they got caught. Cops finally doing something useful in the city

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