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Slouching Toward Bethlehem: the Police State Awakes


Via the Columbia Journalism Review:

Miranda was serving as a human passenger pigeon, shuttling encrypted files on USB drives between filmmaker Laura Poitras and Greenwald because, as the whole world now knows, the Internet is fully bugged by the US and UK governments. So the UK, using an anti-terrorism statute, arrested Miranda on arrival at Heathrow, interrogated him for 9 hours, threatened to arrest him, and took his stuff. The war on whistleblowers has now escalated to disrupting journalists’ communications…

We have the spectacle of communications between two American journalists-in-exile—reduced to passing information via courier because their government is spying on everything they do online—busted up by the US’s top ally, apparently with no protest from the Obama administration, which was given a heads-up.

On top of that, Greenwald’s paper has been threatened by its own government with prior restraint and had its hard drives smashed in its basement to make a (stupid) point.

This is police-state stuff. We need to know the American government’s role in these events—and its stance on them—sooner rather than later.

The police state, roused during the Bush Administration, is now awaking fully. We hate to get all literarary here, but we’re beginning to channel Yeats and Orwell.

The War on Terror seems to be more about the governments of the developed world, and their abject terror of their own citizens.

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