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Piggie of the Week: Todd Akin


I was fascinated to learn this week that, after years of meticulous study conducted by the world’s top medical research institutions, scientists have discovered that a women’s bodies will naturally prevent impregnation by rape? That’s amazing! The human body really is a wonderful and wondrous machine.

That, or just suggested something so unmitigated and wildly stupid, he should have his tongue removed for saying it out loud. The state Rep actually said this on air.

I’d love to comment here, but there’s nothing I can do to degrade Mr. Akin that he hasn’t already done to himself.

In the wake of this atrocious gaffe, swarms of Akin’s fellow republicans, including Mitt Romney, have distanced themselves from him.

Congratulations Todd Akin, you are our Piggie of the Week. Now do yourself a favor and stick your foot in your mouth, shove it down your throat, and don’t stop until you have to pull your head of your ass to make room for your shoes.

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