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Cops Could Be Fired for Rap Video

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Four New Jersey police officers could potentially lose their jobs over this terrible rap song and video. Maurice Gattison, aka a “felon for life” and star of the song “Temper Like an Alcoholic” is also the president of the Irvington city’s police union and an 18-year veteran of the force. Gattison performs under the name “Gat the Great.”

He along with the three other officers/rappers/hype-men seen in the video have recently been charged with conduct unbecoming of a police officer. If found guilty of this, they could lose their jobs.

In the song, Gattison raps about alcohol, violence and drops some homophobic slurs. Uh-oh officer.

Gattison has downplayed the controversy to the media, “They don’t have nothing. My career is impeccable.”

Sorry I can’t say the same about your speech and grammar, Gat.

Gattison also mentioned that anyone who thinks he should be fired is an idiot.

Words from the wise Gat the Great, “Wish ’em well… but still give ’em hell.”

Watch the rap video here: Temper Like an Alcoholic


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